Snow removal

Residential Snow Removal Services

Oddscapes LLC, located in Windham, Maine, provides Full Service Snow Removal Services.


Snow has fallen all night. There’s no telling how deep it is. Yet, you have things to do: Take the kids to school. Get to work. First, though, you have to clear the driveway and shovel the walk. Looks like a very early morning, right?


Here’s a better option: Stay in bed and let Oddscapes LLC do the work.


Why risk your health and others’? Oddscapes LLC will do the shoveling, snowblowing and clearing to keep your walkways safe and accessible.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Snow is a given in Maine. You know it’s coming. The best approach is to be ready, so that winter blasts don’t disrupt or shut down your business.


Oddscapes LLC is your partner to keep your company going, all winter long. We’ll plow snow from your parking lot and driveways, and shovel your sidewalks, on a schedule that meets your needs.


What does this mean? We learn about our customers’ businesses in advance, so that we do our work without interfering with theirs. We won’t be plowing snow when your employees are arriving, or at a time of heavy customer traffic. Your parking lots, drives and sidewalks will be cleared and ready for normal busy times.


Roof Raking Service

Every winter, residents throughout southern Maine unknowingly risk serious roof and interior damage to their homes.


The villain is ice dams, the large buildups of ice that accumulate in gutters and roof valleys. As the ice grows, it forces its way under shingles and flashing. By the time damage is evident - usually by interior leaking, dripping and water stains on ceilings – it’s too late. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars.


Oddscapes LLC can help prevent this damage to your home. Ice dams occur when snow on a roof melts and refreezes. Our roof raking service clears off the snow, proactively eliminating the source of ice damming. As the snow is removed, so are your worries.



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