Lawn care

Home is where the heart is. your outdoor space should live up to this.

Mowing Services

Oddscapes LLC, located in Windham, Maine, provides Full Service Lawn Care.


At Oddscapes LLC our philosophy as a company is that we treat every lawn as if it were our own. We look at lawn mowing as the finishing touch of a properly cared for property. Making your lawn look the best on the street is just the starting point. We take pride in getting the job completed in a timely fashion,meanwhile leaving your lawn properly manicured and looking aesthetically pleasing.


Mulch Install/Bed Renovation

Improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the property value. A bed renovation or mulch installation is the easiest and usually most affordable way to drastically enhance the appearance of your home.


With most renovations we start with weeding the landscape beds.


Once the beds are prepped, we put down the mulch of your choice. The most popular mulches are our triple ground premium mulches. They come in Brown, Black and Red. The mulch is applied at an average of 2" throughout all your beds.


Lawn Renovations & Seeding

Our Lawn Renovation offers the perfect solution. During this process we mechanically remove the thatch from the lawn as well as disturb the top layers of the soil to prepare it for seed.


A high quality seed blend based on the needs of the property is then used. This process is done twice to promote great seed to soil contact to improve germination of the seed. We finish by applying a great starter fertilizer to give the seed the best nutrients to start.


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